7 OCTOBER – Hamas against Israel: The Myths, The Propaganda, The Truth

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by Ernesto Katzenstein


The book that tells the truth about 7 October! Coming soon!

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The attack by Palestinian Hamas on Israel on October 7 caught the whole world by surprise. How was this possible?

Today we see that 7 October 2023 was the beginning of an upheaval that affects the entire world.

The world’s busiest shipping lanes, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, have been blocked by the allies of the Palestinians, the Houthis in Yemen.

Suddenly the whole world is talking about the necessity of a Palestinian state.

Not only Israel, but also the United States, finds itself isolated in the world and in the UN.

Political pundits discuss whether the aftermath of the attack by Hamas on 7 October could cost Biden the victory in the presidential election.


But what triggered 7 October?

And what actually happened on 7 October?


Ernesto Katzenstein, himself with Jewish roots, has undertaken a meticulous research into and analysis of the reporting of what took place and what allegedly took place in Israel on 7 October. His analysis and deconstruction of the events shows, with clear source references, that the picture presented in needs to be be modified in many respects.

Also presented here is the objective historical background, an analysis of the motives and goals of both sides, as well as a discussion on language as a prison and a trap.

Among the book’s many appendices are the current programs of both Hamas and the Israeli Likud Party, a description of the Dahiya and Hannibal doctrines, as well as a thorough review of source-critical principles.

The book focuses on the conflict in the Middle East, but its conclusions and lessons are applicable to other major political issues.


This is a book for anyone interested in international politics, and the effects of propaganda and how to see beyond the propaganda.



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ISBN: 978-91-89597-09-9

Release: April 2024



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